Alarga’s first album ”Mono”

Alarga has released their first album ‘Mono’. Naive sounded band has been working on the album since 2015. Album contains 10 songs. It ıs recorded, mixed and produced by Tankut Aydınlıyım at JingleTank. You can find the album on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube. The band also released hard copy albums. For more information about the hard copies please contact with the band.

Alarga Mono Albüm Cover Tankut Aydınlıyım

1. Artık Gel
2. Hugrats
3. Hengame
4. Time
5. Kendime Not
6. Passenger Seat
7. Fore-Shadows
8. Bridges
9. Bihaber
10. Bu Çok İnsani Bi’ Şey

Lyrics: Çağın Kırca
Music: Alarga

Recorded and mixed by Tankut Aydınlıyım (JingleTank, Ankara)

Produced by Tankut Aydınlıyım & Çağın Kırca

“Passenger Seat” ve “Hengame” Kayıt: Volkan Yırtıcı (Stüdyo Detay, Ankara)
Mastering: Hakan Nart (Stüdyo Artline, Ankara)

Artwork: Tuba Mücella Kiper

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